Hi everyone,

Today is 30 days of sobriety for me. It may surprise you, however, that I don’t have some shiny coin in my pocket and tears on my face from some coffee-flooded and smoke-filled room – an AA room. Why?

Well….I’m not your usual alcoholic. I don’t think it’s a disease. I think it’s simply poor choices..choices influenced by prior trauma, perhaps, but choices nonetheless. It bothers the dickens out of me that you just surrender it all, that you are powerless over the disease, that G-d has to swoop in and save and redeem you. Did G-d only want infants perpetually sucking at his/her/its tit? Or did G-d want adults who partner with him/her/it to take care of this earth and the creatures in it, like Genesis says? Hmmm…

If you aren’t completely pissed off at me by now, I recommend watching this video. It has cursing, lots of it, I’ll warn you, but the experts are real, and so is the research.

Feel free to post thoughts and/or questions here. To read more about the difference between AA and SMART Recovery (or SOS), a good article is

’till next time…remember, Journey Before Destination


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