I’ve been hungry before, meaning: I could tell my stomach was empty.
I’ve never known hunger. The kind that devours your stomach and literally feels like serrated claws are shredding your insides. 
What would it take for you to hold a sign? 
Certainly some are cons, but think about just one of those humans who does all he can to smile at you so he doesn’t creep you out. His civility masks how he has been savaged: emotionally, spiritually, and of course physically. Yet he holds a sign, knowing nearly all who pass by don’t believe him. He screams inside but is never noticed…after all, he can’t look crazy.
I’d only hold a sign if I was being torn up, if my inner landscape was being ravaged! I’d find a better way to con people if I were a con. 
So do me a favor, if the huddling, homeless masses remind you of this post in some small way, remember this: give!

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