Got Milk? ( white privilege?)

You know it is going to be a difficult post when anytime you try to put thought to paper, the paper (or keyboard) gets ruined due to tears.

I won’t apologize for emotion, though.

Here’s the deal: I’m male, white, straight, 32 yo, and come from a middle class all-American family. Yet I can’t help but mourn right now. It’s not about the election, though that is certainly part and parcel of what has been going on since the president elect has no political history of substance and his words have been very discouraging and full of fear mongering. It’s not about the recent protests, though that is part of the culmination of many years of discontent…

You may ask, “But what about ‘Clay County, Kentucky, the poorest county in America, which is 94 percent white. And if you were in that county, where there’s a 40 percent poverty rate, wouldn’t you think this is reverse discrimination?’ – Jim Webb”

This is about equality, regardless of race, gender, orientation, preference, or anything else. This is about my veteran buddies getting singled out and hunted down simply because they are in the racial minority. These are about my fellow citizens who 1/50th of an inch deep are indistinguishable from me.

Privilege isn’t just about how hard you work. Everyone faces privilege from different areas. But yes, just because you are white, you experience privilege for being white. We are the dominant oppressive race around the world!!!(?)! But here is a video that helps explain. It isn’t what you think it is…. I bet you were underprivileged in some areas. I certainly was. Take 4 minutes and watch it, please.

We all have struggles, but some experience the lack of privilege more. Some are painful, some have to do with opportunity, color, hard work, religion and orientation. It should be considered a privilege to help others with less privilege. It’s a system our society created! some are unknowingly innocent/ ignorant. I have had these conversations in a safe place surrounded with people of color or orientations, etc. It’s how you begin to understand each other. Talking about struggles that actually have labels.

Please, don’t jump to assumptions about people across the aisle. Please, don’t think you “get it.” Just listen, really listen. That’s why I mourn. I see so much anger and hate being thrown about, and it breaks my heart. Let’s ascend the circumstances, y’all.

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