Veterans: Am I One of the 22 today?

Hi y’all,

Not trying to be super political here, but President Elect Trump’s recent verbal vomiting about PTSD took me by surprise as a disabled Army vet who struggles with it but is trying his best to keep moving forward…

Well, here’s a response, slam poetry style:

There’s not a cloud in the sky
And I can’t feel the warmth of the sun
Everything has gone numb.
Chasing my demons, kicking up that dust.
It’s blinding, it’s hard to breathe.
I’m running…
I’m running…
Yet I’m stuck, it’s my mind, it won’t stop racing.
Those rain drops are falling from my eyes?
Honey, can’t you see,
That Afghan sand burned my eyes and broke my mind.
I forgot how to breathe.
I forgot about the good in life.
I thought I was protecting my brothers’ souls.
Watching the innocent violently take their last breath with my hands tied.
Now the lights gone dark.
Agendas take precedence over being alive
But how do I look away?
I’m a warrior.
I’m a soldier.
Why does the whole wedding party have to die?
Stop dancing,
Stop singing,
Stop celebrating life,
Or they will take your light away.
How do I ask for help,
When I couldn’t help them?
Why is my life worth more?
Now I don’t dance,
Now I don’t have a song,
What is my life without equality?
I forgot how to breathe.
I forgot about the good in life.
These rain drops are falling from my eyes?
What do I tell my kids?
What’s the meaning of life?
I should be happy that I’m alive.
Do I tell the truth?
Or will it cause more harm?
It’s easier to bury it in the sand
And wish it all away.
But everyday,
I have to take these pills and they’re never enough.
I find myself at the bottom of a bottle.
How long will this last?
They say the rest of my life,
Well at least it won’t be long.
I’m still surrounded by their darkness,
And I can’t see a way out.
Can someone save me now?
I’m not dancing,
I’m not singing,
I’m not celebrating life.
Or is there someone worth more than me?
And now they have to watch my light go out.
Is my 65 minutes up?
Am I one of the 22 today?


For more on Trump, news can be found here:

Now, for more on PTSD, more can be found here:

 Words spoken into the air never die. They keep moving forever. Words circle the universe. – My Mammaw

Until next time,

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