On Veterans Day…


This post is directed to anyone who knows me in real life. Let me shoot straight with you a minute. The last 6 years have sucked. Like, bad. Like, hell on earth bad. I joined the military to serve our great country, but things quickly went to shit when I deployed…

I saw stuff and also complicity did stuff while laughing about it. I heard it in the grapevine that it can mess with people’s heads and change them…

I came back from AFG a different person. An evil, wicked, malicious, plotting, angry person. Let’s just say a certain ring was passed on to me that many prior generations have had before me…and it’s my precious but I’m learning to let it go.

Let me be absolutely clear: this is not a problem when someone is at war, it is simply logical and centers on team preservation for a win and safety. Not so much when trying to re-enter our culture and population that is wonderful: no matter your creed, race, sexual orientation, or religion.

Do some people make mistakes? Yeah. Do some people commit crimes? Do you think I look like a hippie dippie college kid now? An activist? A crazy? Perhaps that this is simply the crest of my little mountain on my topographical journey to hell?

Well, I’m here to stay. Be patient with me? Either that or you may have to unfriend me, as I only see my posts getting more, uhhhhhhh, spiritual/philosophical/sociological/whatever “al” that means I might learn something more about myself and be better equipped to help others and get some answers that act as roadsigns in my inner landscape for when people have questions.

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