Thesis: Brilliant Betterment


Howdy again from a Texas transplant into where he was meant to be: Washington –

Point/Thesis/Purpose: We are all in “it” together, and should therefore seek to grow and evolve together. There is enough tearing each other down, there is way too much discrimination and segragation: race, religion, orientation, and caste to name a few. It is time to make a change, and to give our brother and sister a hand if they need assistance moving forward or if some evil situation or person has pushed a poor soul so far away from the path of brilliant betterment. We all have potential within us, the only difference is that for some it is buried a bit deeper than others. We all have been poor souls at one point or another as well. Help your fellow as if your life depended on it, because we will (have) wish(ed) that at some point in our lives! This should not be past red Russia’s Socialism, this should be a post-modern sustainable version Greece’s Athens and Italy’s Rome of antiquity. Perhaps a bit of Jerusalem’s in the 1st century B.C.E., Baghdad’s in the 8th-13th century C.E., or Rome’s of the mid 20th century as well…

My personal goal is therapeutic as well. I need to heal from trauma that I have experienced in my recent as well as distant past. I want personal improvement. I want to change and help others’ lives. I want to learn how to craft words into serpentine sentences and paragraphs that suddenly connect with the common guy or gal so that I may inspire paradigm-shift thinking that other’s have just a scratch away from their surface. I want to see what is beneath that facade that we call the “status quo” or “normal.” I then want to meet and get to know whatever lurks beneath the surface of myself and others so that together we can have some “AHA!” moments.

I wanted to share something that may wreck your free time right now, perhaps your day, and maybe even the rest of your life.  Imagine if you will the sudden appearance of a PRINTED REAL LIFE COPY of the New York Time appearing before you. It immediately grabs your attention because it was obviously written with a man or woman like you in mind. And not online either, in actual and real print, on paper from a printing press no less! Finally, you notice this edition wasn’t printed from your printer at work or in your home office. The scent and perception of it is that  it pleasantly and playfully assaults your eyes and nose because you rarely see one in person these days. Then you auscultate their words, spoken as if by one of the following themself! These are in no particular order

– Alan Rickman (may he RIP)
– Hollie McNish
– Morgan Freeman
– Michelle Obama
– James Earl Jones
– Jean Reno
– Sam Elliott
– Kathleen Norris
– Christopher Walken

– And last but certainly not least, my hero right now, Buddy Wakefield.

This is what you hear:

Oh, did I forget to tell you to have a tissue? I said I might wreck your day. But drive.

I’m sorry, in the future you might want to keep them handy. Tears will come as we learn to mourn.

It is necessary to improve…it is critical that we change. We gotta learn how to drive, y’all.

My race is white, I’m 32 years old, but I HAVE TO KNOW AND MAKE KNOWN that we are all the same just one scratch beneath our surface. Black lives matter. Our orientation’s matter. Our religion’s matter. Our past’s matter. Our trauma’s. Our emotion’s matter. Your’s certainly does to me! Maybe mine does to you. But my purpose in life is THIS, whether I teach or whether I study or whether I write. Because you and I are my purpose in life. I just don’t know if God or The Universe gave it to me yet.

Okay, so maybe it’s a little better than just “nice” to meet you. It is my honor, and it is my privilege to meet you, because here’s the bottom line:

“You are the author of your life. You are the main character. But you have so many other characters: your lover, your children, your parents, your friends, your crazy family, your enemies and rivals. Go and learn about them and learn to see from their point of view. Real life, not some fiction, depends on it”


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