Recently, my family went exploring the Carbon River, right near Mt. Rainier park.


We explored the riverbed going into winter, and were therefore able to see much of what is covered the majority of the year. We saw so many multi-colored rocks it knocked my socks off.


But what caught my attention most were the dead trees littered about the riverbed.

This is a dead tree in a riverbed.


I love the texture and inspiration that something so covered and covered by water most of the year and yet considered “dead” can give. It’s kinda like coping with PTSD. We are marbled due to war but have wonderful texture potential.


So often, we are inundated with the present, we can get caught up in the past, and trying to forward plan the future. But we have marbled majesty residing within us. We aren’t always covered in 6 feet of water. And we have something to say, and more importantly, things left to do.


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