Familiarization and Introduction

It is nice to meet you, my fellow sojourners, in the journey of life. We are all part of the same tribe: humanity.

Please feel free to leave comments (though they go through approval so that I can hopefully prevent hatred and the logical fallacy of ad hominem attacks. Of course, I would be grateful for your contribution and telling others if you enjoy what we are currently discussing. If in the process of picking up what I’m putting out or if grossly offended/hurt by what I may say, please (!!!) ask questions and provide feedback as that occurs.

We are here to grow and evolve together. “Why,” you might ask? Well, not so we can get famous or rich, though many will immediately illuminate this as a primary intention of growth and evolution and popularity. With the strongest and most sincere hope, I wish it so that I do not fall into this trap and if I do I begin the ascent quickly and immediately to leave behind that deep, dark hole that many well-meaning citizens of humanity have disappeared into, only to never surface again and rejoin us on this path of life that we are all embarking upon together. “Okay, well if not that…then why?! Quit being so cryptic and loquacious already!!!!”

Point/Thesis/Purpose: We are all in “it” together, and should therefore seek to grow and evolve together. There is enough tearing each other down, there is way too much discrimination and segragation: race, religion, orientation, and caste to name a few. It is time to make a change, and to give our brother and sister a hand if they need assistance moving forward or if some evil situation or person has pushed a poor soul so far away from the path of brilliant betterment. We all have potential within us, the only difference is that for some it is buried a bit deeper than others. We all have been poor souls at one point or another as well. Help your fellow as if your life depended on it, because we will (have) wish(ed) that at some point in our lives! This should not be past red Russia’s Socialism, this should be a post-modern sustainable version Greece’s Athens and Italy’s Rome of antiquity. Perhaps a bit of Jerusalem’s in the 1st century B.C.E., Baghdad’s in the 8th-13th century C.E., or Rome’s of the mid 20th century as well…


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