You = Galaxy; Me = Planet

“You were a galaxy and I, a mere planet. I was a always a part of you, but not large enough to mean anything.”

This is brilliant and eloquent and succinct. Gonna follow this account stat because it’s an inspiration and I gotta turn from more like a Chewy into more like a Yoda!

Sometimes without warning, you find yourself in the middle of a Geek-tastrophe, however I can’t let it distract me and turn my Sunday into a Funday when I had plans to fight my little battles. If I were smaller and green and had pointier ears that could listen better and not be covered in fur, I might let the Force speak clearer thru the elusive midi-chlorians and just let it be a Funday and meditate on a log by the ocean in nature or something.

But I gots a family and I gots things to do. So hopefully the midi’s are patient in this lesson and it doesn’t turn into a geek-tastrophe.


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